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Why not add a piece of nature to your home?

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Mopani Wood

  • (A.K.A) Colophospermum Mopane, Gnarly Driftwood, Gumane Wood, Mopane Wood 

  • Originated from Sub Saharan African region

  • Colors vary from light brown to reddish-brown

  • Trees experience all 4 seasons and harden with each cycle of bloom and hibernation phases

  • It's a very hard and sturdy tree/branch/root

  • Sinks easily 

  • It's considered termite resistant

  • It is NOT rot resistant

  • used to make sculptures decorations

  • PH-low KH-low GH-low Tannins-high

  • may contain sap which is toxic

  • Meant for freshwater and is not toxic

  • beneficial for tanks with a PH-7 and bellow

  • May cause yellowish tint and may require pre-soaking for a longer time


  • Solid wood for aquascapes

  • It is dense so will sink down by itself

  • not know to discolor water


  • (A.K.A) Rhododendron Spp./Roots, Azalea Roots, Indian Spider Wood, Red spider wood

  • Originates from North America, Asia

  • Colors vary from red, brown, and tan

  • Provides healthy bacteria as it ages

  • PH-low KH-low GH-low tannins-med

  • Not rot-resistant breaks down over time

  • Buoyant and will float when dry

  • gets the name from its looks

  • doesn't leak a lot of tannins

  • has a killer visual effect when properly layered and coated, 


  • Preferred amongst the planted tank enthusiasts, 

  • is preserved for best protection and bacteria removal

  • solid shelter for reclusive species making it easier for healthy living,

  • safe and secure for laying fish and relaxing

  • can add plant, like the Anubias Barteri and java fern, for a better view

Manzanita Branch/Root

  • (A.K.A) Arctostaphylos Spp., Chaparral Manzanita Branches

  • Originates from Western North America

  • Higher density so sinks to the bottom

  • Sinks very slowly when dry, may require long periods of presoaking

  • Is considered a softwood kind of tree

  • Colors range from red to orangish

  • accustomed to cold climates and drought-like condition

  • releases fewer tannins 

  • less discoloration in the water

  • Does not leak tannins for long 

  • phenomenal for tanks with a PH-7 and under

Cholla Wood

  • (A.K.A) Cylindropuntia Spp., Cacti Wood, Cactus Skeleton

  • Type of cactus wood 

  • Originates from North/South America

  • Colors vary from light brown, reddish-brown, and gray

  • Is the skeleton of a cacti plant 

  • Genus group is made up of over 20 different types of species

  • Provides healthy bacteria as it ages

  • Lowers PH levels and thrives under PH-7 and under

  • Will deteriorate after a while

  • Buoyant and will float

  • PH-low KH-low GH-low Tannins-med

  • Is not harmful to tank

  • Great for shrimp and breeding tanks

  • Has many places to hide food, or themselves when they feel skittish

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