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Shipping and Handling guidelines 

        What is the definition of shipping and handling?

Shipping and handling involve picking, packing, and transporting purchased items to the end customer. It's the amount charged for the labor, storage, and delivery costs incurred to complete customer orders. Shipping is the physical moving of goods from one point to another, such as the moving of merchandise from the warehouse to the customer. The shipping process follows the manufacture and the packing of goods and will be controlled by a shipping /logistics company or Easy Keeping directly. Easy Keeping offers' money-back guarantee for any shipping damages while in transit for any Aquarium's or Aquarium Stand's as well as same-day delivery and installation (only applies when using the "Easy Keeping Delivery" option).

Wholesale Inquiries

    What is wholesaler marketing?


Wholesale marketing occurs when a producer of a good sells it to an individual or company that intends to resell it. The good is usually resold under a different brand name. Wholesale networks help to connect potential buyers and sellers with each other. Easy Keeping purchases Aquatic supplies from many big chain companies as well as social media networks. To provide the most affordable and realistic price range's for our customers. Being said, not all tanks that are purchased are new. Some are used and refurbished for resale.

Payment Methods

 Cash/Check/Money Order/ Zelle - Payment upon completion. 

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